A gentleman called yesterday inquiring about puppy availability. We talked at some length about British labs and the puppies we offer. He added that the reason he called Wildrose was due to our excellent website. He is actually in the website design business and said that the Wildrose website was one of the best he had ever seen....easy to navigate yet had a very professional look. He continued that he was able to find all the information he needed quickly and was convinced that we would have a dog that would meet his needs.Daily we receive numerous calls from clients and almost every client comments on our wonderful website. When Mike first talked with you about re-designing our website, he told you he wanted the best gundog website out there and we are convinced you did that for us. We are also always happy with your quick turnaround when we ask you to add or change information. How blessed we are for your expertise! No doubt your work on our website has sold many dogs for us. Thanks!!

Mike and Cathy Stewart, Wildrose Kennels, Oxford, MS, http://www.uklabs.com/