Catalog/Brochure/Collateral Design

We have worked on and designed some of the largest catalogs in the country. We focus our attention and efforts on showing off our clients products with a professional and high-quality layout. We also design training and promotional product catalogs. Cedar Hills has the expertise to deliver an exceptional product for you and your company. Our design and creative work is all in-house, and when you are ready to have your artwork printed, we are affiliated with some of the best in the country.


Catalog design should be custom to your product line, so it’s best to call 256.365.8223 or E-mail with your request to get an accurate quote. We want our clients to be happy with our work and not have any surprise costs. Our jobs include scanning, converting photos, concept design and revisions, typesetting and layout, PDF proofs, and building final output that is “print ready”.

We provide the final artwork and source materials upon completion of the job. Many design firms do not offer this to clients, instead they retain the rights to the design materials. We have designed catalog layouts for some of the largest outdoor/hunting related catalogs in the country ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 500. We offer flexible options geared towards any company or organization.

Below are just a few pieces we have produced over the past few years.

Browning Trail Cameras




Tecomate Seed

Kith Kitchens




Wicked Tree Gear

Catarosa Ranch

Oxbow Lodge

RollSeal – Walk-In Cooler Doors

RollSeal – Industrial Oven Doors

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