About Cedar Hills Media & Marketing

CHMM-logo_home2Cedar Hills Media & Marketing™ is a streamlined, growing media and marketing company targeting outdoor related entities. We have a highly skilled staff, we keep things simple so we can focus on building powerful websites, encapsulating graphics, and create marketing strategies for clients at a reasonable and fair price. Cedar Hills Media & Marketing™ focuses on many critical areas helping you and your company meet the goals and achievements set forth by your mission. Our experience of 24+ years enables you to take necessary steps in pursuing areas of interest that might include:

Our company has professional website designers with 23+ years of website design and developing experience. Cedar Hills can assist you in developing a plan that will work best for your company. From creating a new custom designed website, to redesigning your existing website, or acting as a design consultant to your team, Cedar Hills Media & Marketing™ is ready to help!

A few Cedar Hills projects include, Our portfolio with numerous organizations in the outdoor industry including:

  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Summit Treestands
  • Tecomate Properties
  • Fowl Pursuit
  • Final Approach
  • Moon Pie
  • Kith Kitchens
  • Wicked Tree Gear
  • Tecomate Wildlife Systems
  • Wildrose Kennels
  • Union Sportsman's Alliance
  • Kolpin Outdoors
  • Browning Trail Cameras
  • Drake Waterfoowl
  • McAlister Company
  • RutWear Big Game Technologies
  • Ol' Tom Technical Turkey Gear
  • Greenhead Gear Decoys
  • Point View Marina
  • Woods & Water
  • Vicious Fishing
  • Fowl Pursuit
  • RollSeal
  • PolarCool
  • Avery Outdoors
  • Oxbow Lodge
  • Abby-USA
  • MudArmour
  • Wingshooter Safaris
  • Midwest Services Group
  • Zink Calls
  • Russell Graves
  • Allen Company
  • Artistic Compositions
  • 1818 Farms
  • Rowe Machinery

We have had the honor of working with and managing some of the largest outdoor brands in the world. Below are just a few of the brands with whom we have worked over the years, past and present.