Benson Farms – Logo, Website Design, Development and Storefront

We recently had the pleasure to design and develop a logo, design website and online storefront for beautiful Benson Farms a Grass Fed cattle/beef operation in North Alabama.

Grass Fed Cattle – Merrill Mountain Meat Co
It is our passion for the animals that drove our desire to create a business that will allow us to provide quality beef directly to consumers. While our family can ensure that our animals are treated humanely as long as they are living on our farm, we have always been deeply bothered by the idea of how our animals are treated once they are sold and are no longer in our care. For much of our lives we have had a love hate relationship with the beef cattle industry. While we love the farms we were raised on and the legacy farming is for our family, we hate the commercial aspect and the way the animals live from the time they leave our farm to the time they are processed.

The farm is located on Merrill Mountain in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This land belonged to the Cherokee Nation until 1835 when the Cherokee Indians were relocated to Oklahoma along what later became known as the Trail of Tears. Our families relocated to the area in the 1920s and 1930s. Merrill Mountain overlooks the Tennessee River to the south and west, the Paint Rock River to the north, and the small community of Hebron to the east.

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