When we first started developing websites in the late 90’s, our first project grew out of a passion for duck hunting. That same passion has led to a career now spanning over 4 decades. One of the pieces in this crazy puzzle during the early years led me to work for @ducksunlimitedinc. During my time at DU I began to immerse myself in the history of waterfowl hunting, call makers, duck hunting stories, and historic hunting locations. I first learned of The Mallard Toller while running a couple of pieces on the DU website about its history and call makers Frank and Todd Heidelbauer. Frank was a true pioneer in creating a method of call making where the insert was screwed into the barrel.

The Home of the Mallard Toller Duck Call
What started back in the 1940’s with the development and hand-crafting of the original Mallard Toller created by Frank Heidelbauer is still going strong today, 70 years later, at the hand of his grandson, Todd Heidelbauer. Todd continues the legacy and tradition of turning and tuning each Heidelbauer call one by one.

Cedar Hills recently had the honor of working with Todd by designing and developing a new website for Heidelbauer Calls.

Visit Heidelbauer Calls @ www.heidelbauer.com

Post by Jason Thompson

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